likes, 32 comments - palmistry_numerology19 on August 23, "Palmistry Foreign Settlement Travel lines #palmistry #palmreading. They are very rare palm lines. They Fish sign also indicates about foreign When this is found along your career line, it indicates that. Yes its possible to see travel lines in palmistry. They usually come off the life line and go up towards the little finger which is ruled by the planet Mercury. foreign travel lines #foryou #travel #palmistry Fate line is cut and career is destroyed #palmistry #astrology #career #fate #shorts Health Line Palmistry. A long and prominent line indicates extensive travel opportunities and a deep connection with foreign cultures. Conversely, a short or faint.

in foreign country. 26 criminality the Career the Line is absent on both the hands. A career started in astro-palmistry with name and fame in later years. If you have foreign travel lines on your palm, it indicates the presence of Rahu in your horoscope. Rahu dominates travel, and if the position of Rahu is. Lines of Travel/ Foreign Settlement Travel lines, starting from the edge of the palm at the base, are the upward or horizontal lines found on the bottom half. The Heart Line is the horizontal line above the Head Line. It begins beneath either the index finger or middle finger and extends across to the edge of the palm. Travel or Foreign settlement lines in Palmistry: =================================== Travel line indicating the opportunities of Travelling. I don't know that much about palmistry, only that life line to moon mount indicates foreign travel. I don't know about age. Also if a line or branch from the lifeline goes towards the Mount of Moon, the person is likely to settle abroad. Similarly, small vertical lines on the Mount. If a line originates from Mars in the palm of a person and touches the lifeline along with the fate line or cuts it and reaches the heart line, then such a line.

Beginning the Reading · For instance, some people have an intuition line that curves in from the middle outside of the palm and then back out at the bottom of. There are certain signs in palmistry that proves so beneficial to the person when he or she travels abroad or any foreign countries/foreign travels per se that. According to Indian vedic palmistry, Fate line occupies important place in deciding the job, business, career and earnings of a native. Fate line is useful. Reading the Primary Lines of your Hand. 1. Interpret the Heart Line. This line is believed to indicate emotional stability, romantic perspectives, depression. Can any one tell me the country of foreign settlement and year of settlement from Palm lines? r/palmistry - Any thoughts on career, marriage. In particular, your marriage line—the tiny crease just below your pinky—can help you navigate the ups and downs of matrimony, or tell you if marriage is in the. For career, you're fate line and sun lie it very clear and smooth but fate line is intersected by other lines from time to time. WHich shows. If there are minor travel lines near the lifeline then it alerts the person to keep a check on health. It signals health problems due to lack of rest. Note: the. Foreign Settlement or Job Opportunity: This is hand of person who working in foreign land. Main reason for this is (1) Split at the end of.

According to indian palmistry. Forked life line means abroad travel, you have loads of offshots from life line. Yours is forked. proves that Job believed in this science. Saturn but in foreign countriesor from abroad. No of body. Page INDIAN PALMISTRY. The line which is. Please tell me about my career, finance and foreign Green Line D – ALL THESE 3 LINES ARE SUN LINES? #palmistry #palmreading #palmist #palmistryguide. Broken: Seperation, death or divorce · Broken but overlaying fragments: Seperation followed by reunion. · Too many lines crossing the palm all over: A wife.

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